Mike Bebout

We had our first visit today for lunch. Your restaurant came highly recommended and we were not disappointed. Everything was fresh and delicious. I really enjoyed the personal touch and welcoming feel. I will highly recommend your place and look forward to our next visit.

Barbara Reynolds

Stopped by to say HEYLO!!! Hope everyone is doing well and healthy and happy. Take care and God Bless you all!

GC Taylor

Thanks to Sam and the staff at Feliccia's, the Rancho Buena Vista HS Boys Soccer and their families enjoyed a fantastic dinner at the end of season banquet. The service was great, the food delicious and the help provided in the planning was much appreciated. We will be calling again!

Janina Kershaw

Hello from the neighborhood. May see you tonight. But definately see you on Saturday with the entire neighborhood. Take care.
Ross and Janina and Nate

Suze Diaz
Dear Sam,

The Reunion Committee and cannot THANK YOU enough for the FANTASTIC appetizers and dinner you provided for the Vista High School Class of '82 30th Reunion on July 28, 2012. Everything was PERFECT from set up to dining to dessert presentation. I have received numerous compliments for the delicious dinner and atmosphere you provided and the canopy set up with the appetizers was SPLENDID! Our heartfelt appreciation for all that you and your staff did for us. It was truly a event we will always remember!

Best Wishes to You Always,
Suze Diaz
Vista High School Class of '82 30th Reunion

Doug, Sylvia, & Anna-Maria

Once again, we enjoyed the good company and the good food.
After visiting Venice Beach in L.A. is was great to get away from the smell of "Medical Marijuana" and breathe in the good healing aroma of "Mediterranean Marinara". The Canolli and Tiramisu with a touch of Courvoisier Cognac were the best we ever had.
Feliccia's is still the best! Still going strong for over 30 years now! What a blessing! Thank you all! The Ashby Family in Texas
Caroline Hanna

The best Italian food ever! You have made food for me previously that pleased an entire house full of guests. I will be doing another party in the very near future and will be coming back for more! Thank You!

Hello, were new in the area, can't wait to come in and try your food.
Alex Slattery

Buon Natale. We hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.
The Van Kempens

We miss you, Sam & Nina, and your super food, but we are completely delighted to be back in Bergen County, NJ, and spending time in NYC. Stay well!

David Grill

I was at your place on opening day, and have felt like family ever since. My sister sent the article to me and I now realize whats missing in my life here in Pennsylvania. Besides missing the beach, and sunshine, I really miss Sam and Nina and those meatball sandwiches.


What an interesting article in the NCT! Had no idea I have been missing out on so much thats Italian! Will be stopping by soon looking to purchase some really good genoa salami sliced paper thin! Ciao!

Joe Di Mento

Heard a lot about your place and eagerly await the day we may visit next week, hopefully) your establishment. Have not had an old fashioned Italian meal since I left Brooklyn 60 years ago. YOU BETTER BE GOOD! }:~)) Ciao.

Larry Monterastelli

Same as Mr. Biddle. I injoyed your web site.
Larryt Monterastelli

Same as Mr. Biddle. I injoyed your web site.
Frank Biddle

Read about your place in the NCT. Looks good!!!


Thank you, for all those wonderful meals served along with your kind and generous hospitality over the last 30 years. You have no idea how a few moments of peace and quiet at Feliccia’s meant on some of those hectic evenings in Vista. I ate most of those meals while working and seldom had the chance to really enjoy them way good food and good company should be enjoyed. I’ll retire on November 28th and hope to spend time enjoying the food, wine and company I rushed through all those times I was working. See you soon!
God Bless you and your family!

Rosanne Garrisi Adams

f you haven't been to Feliccia's lately.....you need to get there and have the Sam's Special sandwich. It is out of this world delectable!!!!

Larry Maniscalco jr

Meatball sangwiches wit gravy, the best this side of Hackensack. Great macaroni too

My husband and I are new to the area and are looking for an authentic Italian restaurant close to home. We heard that it doesn't get any better than your place. Our only problem is that I have celiac disease, which means gluten free pasta, pizza, bread, etc. and your menu doesn't accommodate me. If this was to change let us know. Cause it would be nice to have authentic Italian food again.
Stacey Fickle

I am sitting in front of my woodburning stove on a blustery and downright chilly spring day in Nebraska and reminicing about growing up in Vista. Some of those memories involve Feliccia's. I truly miss the quality, care and sense of family that comes to mind when Feliccia's is mentioned. What I wouldn't give to have a toasty calzone and a warm smile right now. I lift my glass in a toast to you and your family for all of the fond memories and wish you all health and well being! Thank you again! And Sam, I have two words for you. Mail Order! All my best! Stacey Fickle

Doug from Texas asks:
How often do you get a request for "mustard" on a salami sandwich?
We are having the debate at work. I told my co-worker that an Italian never puts Mustard on Salami. Am I right or wrong on this?
Delene St. Clair

Sam & Nina,
It was so nice to meet you when you catered the event at Lakeshore Gardens. We were the band that performed. Your food was DELICIOUS! We have had a lot of catered food at many events we have performed at, and yours is among the best. We loved the vegetarian lasagna especially. Thank you, and I know we will have the opportunity to recommend you to our clients.
Jon Wuebben


Sorry we missed you tonight...but Kathy took great care of us! Phenomenal food as usual. And its been way too long. My wife, Karen, and I will be back soon. We live in Fallbrook, so no excuse for us not to show up there more frequently. Also..let us know when the next big Feliccia-Nava-and whoever else party is, I'll get Chris and Pat and Lisette and we'll crash the festivities!..and thats when the craziness will ensue. But we'll make sure Pat keeps his pants on.

Friends always, Jon and Karen Wuebben
Krisjan McClanahan

Hey Sam,
Antoinette Milano

Mother of Mike Milano for the Liston/Milano wedding. I'd love to talk with you personally at 925-325-7333 cell. What I'd like to know is what is needed for the bar area?? I have some questions about the Rehearsal dinner too.
Mia Smith

Hi Sam, i saw your video online and i got very happy. It made me remember the good old times when I was working with you! Now I can tell you that working with you was the best experience of my WHOLE life!!!!! :) thank you so much for the opportunity that you gave me to learn many things. Say hi to Oscar and Lupe and Veronica and Kathy for me please !! :) and for you my best wishes that you will ALWAYS have your restaurant full with guest.!
Alma Tyson

I love your restaurant. I want to come see you guys soon! Take care.
Barbara Reynolds

Hi Sam
So nice to see you a few weeks ago. Glad the family is good. Love the grandchildren and their pictures. Love the food there. I hope to see you all soon!
Hansen Hunt

Hey Feliccia's! My Dad and I have been coming here for years and although I was gone for a few years, I am back and can't get enough. This place will always be close to my heart. Hands down the best Italian deli and restaurant in San Diego. Everyone should post reviews on Yelp and tell everyone about this hidden gem. http://www.yelp.com/biz/feliccias-italian-restaurant-and-deli-vista


PS, see you for the Monday Night Football special.

Hello..From a previous Guest..
Neil Neumeyer

Greetings from the Midwest!

The Neumeyer clan is heading out west in just 10 days and we can't wait for one of our annual highlights
-- gorging ourselves at the deli! S
ee you soon,

I am enjoying your weekly newsletters and videos, what a great site.

DOB 7/17/78
Karen Sandner

DOB 5/2/60
Karen Sandner

DOB 5/2/60
Mason Dick

Hey Sam! The new website is awesome!
Kandis Pinamonti

Hey Sam, Love the website!!!! Music & Video are great! It made me hungry watching. I have to try your eggplant, I didn't know you made that...I will try next time I am in.
Love your food!
Jillian Hoden-Koons


I LOVE THE WEBSITE! I miss you guys! I will be in soon with my husband, he has yet to taste the wonderful Feliccia's menu.
Love you guys!

Doug & Sylvia

Do you deliver to Texas?
The "Italian" restaurants here don't compare to Feliccia's.
We miss having the best Italian food in the world.
You guys in California don't know how blessed you are to have a place like Feliccia's to eat at.
I would pay double the price to get good food like that here. Hope to get back to Vista soon!
Brianna Baker

2 words: GREAT FOOD
Pete Trotta

Always a great place to stop for lunch and forget about work for a while.

You always make people feel welcome and appreciated.
Barbara Ann

I'd like to sign up for your weekly specials.
Marise & Jerry

Lupe, Another great dinner and super service! We sure feel right at home at Feliccia's.
You always make us feel so at home and welcomed each time we come in!
The food was amazing as always!
Thanks for all you do to make our night out special!
Rich Mustion

Sam...love your web site..you don't know but spent two years in the 60's in southern Italy..Brindisi..you and your family remind me so much of the warmth and friendship I found there...played basketball for Brindisi, only one of 2 Americans..your friendship and sauce is so reminiscent of those times..Susan and I will always come back..Tks
Marise & Jerry

Lupe, Loved your great service, smile, and kindness! Your are the best! A real plus to Feliccia's. :)

Tom, You are great too! Your humor is the best! Keep up the great service and laughter!

James Files

Hey guys, was nice to be back in the resturant for the best food on earth... keep on keepin on,
luv ya, your other son James (Jim from fresno) PS lets open one in fresno :-)

Hey!, Brother Sam, I wish somebody would pull me in off the street for a blind taste test!!. Please?!. Miss your pizza ( and youse too ) We are all doing O.K. here. Hope you are all O.K. too. I can hardly wait for the T-Shirt's to be made. ( XXL is my size ) . Love to all Your Cuz Andy
Ron @ Allied Electric

What a kick, I love your website. It looks like you have allot of fun putting it together. Great food........ I've been coming to see you since
Love Ya Man!
sam spagnolo

Looks good sam. I sent your website to all of my friends hope you get some good response
Phil and Val Curcuru

GREAT website!!! We'll be sending all our California friends and Family to Feliccia's, by the way..... We'll take 2 of your Italian Sausage T-Shirts!! Great job on your new web site!
Jay Gray

Sam, Website looks great.....I would add a contact us option. I had to figure out that by clicking guestbook it would allow me to send you a note. Just a thought. other than that the site looks great.....Nice job. big bear jay
Paul De Luca

Uncle Sam's a star!! although i did notice u sent brandon a link and not me?? che cosa fatte?? allora... the website looks amazing i get hungry just lookin at it
Mary Ann Spangler

This website is so neat!!!! Wish I could be there right now! Love ya, Mary Ann
John Orlando

SAM! Great job on the website! LOVE IT! You're a natural- you should be on TV- the SAM FELICCIA SHOW! You're gunna be spotted now! See you soon super chief! Ciao, Johnny.
Jerry & Rosanne

Love the music and new website. Our mouths are watering for the yummy Sam's Special....aaahhhh copocola, pepper cheese, tomato, lettuce, onions & pepperoncini served warm on homemade bread! Sam & Nina you do a wonderful job....thank you; we'll see you again real soon!
Casey -

First time at this restaurant had the pastrami it was fantastic. Thanks.

I love the new website good job.
Sandra Creech

We were in for lunch and deli items Sat, Dec 27. YUM! We mentioned star bread from MA. Here's a link to that rare food.